How to Connect an Illuminated Rocker Switch

By Jonra Springs
A lighted rocker switch, it, position
toggle switch image by Sergey Danilov from

An illuminated rocker switch is often found on manufactured electronics, including audio equipment and computer accessories. These electrical switches have a light that shows when they are switched on for quick reference. A lighted rocker switch is also used on many auto and marine electronics. It's easy to tell if a feature is on when the power switch is lit up. Connecting an illuminated rocker switch is fairly straightforward and requires only a few tools.

Look at the type of terminals on the illuminated rocker switch to determine how the wires will be connected. The switch is likely to have solder lugs or screw terminals. Note the numerals on the three terminals.

Put a fuse between the battery and the switch on automotive and marine systems. Use a 15-amp fuse to protect 14-gauge wire connections, and a 20-amp fuse with 12-gauge wire.

Connect a hot wire from the fuse block or AC power source to terminal #3 on the lighted rocker switch. Wrap the wire around the screw terminal, or thread it through the hole in the solder lug and melt solder over the wire and terminal with a solder gun.

Connect a power wire from terminal #2 on the switch to the appliance that uses it as a power switch. Screw or solder the wire to the terminal. Connect a ground wire from the ground terminal on the appliance to a solid piece of metal.

Connect a ground wire to terminal #1 on the illuminated rocker switch. Ground electrical switches to solid metal objects.