How to Clean Yellowed Billiard Balls

By Alicia Bodine
Billiard Balls
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Billiards is a game also referred to as pool. The object is to get all of your balls in to the pockets around the table before your opponent does. If you own a billiard table, you may find that your balls begin to yellow over time. This happens because the balls are not exposed to light. The best thing to do is keep the balls stored out in the open and not in a dark case. If your balls do get yellow, don't worry--you can get them clean again.

Step 1

Set your billiard balls in your dishwasher and wash as you normally would your dishes. This is a great way to clean your balls if they are a little dirty and only starting to turn yellow.

Step 2

Get an old toothbrush and place some toothpaste on it. Scrub the toothpaste all over the billiard ball and then rinse clean under the faucet. Toothpastes have whitening abilities that can restore your balls back to new.

Step 3

Use a professional-strength ball cleaner such as Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner. Just apply the cleaner and wipe with a dry cloth until the yellow is gone and the ball is shining.

Step 4

Place some baking soda in a small bowl. Slowly add water until the baking soda is a paste. Work this paste on to the billiard ball with a toothbrush. Rinse the billiard ball and dry immediately with a fresh, dry cloth.

Step 5

Rub Mr. Clean Magic Eraser all over your billiard balls. The eraser really does work like magic with little pressure. It will get all the yellowing off of your balls and restore them to new. You may have to wet the eraser a bit before beginning.

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