How to Clean a Lionel O Gauge Track

By Brian Hudson

Cleaning Lionel O-gauge track should be a regular part of your model-train maintenance routine. Even the best Lionel engines will sputter and stall on dusty or oxidized track, and a dirty track can also lead to buildup on your engine wheels. With the right tools, however, cleaning Lionel O-gauge track is quick and easy.

Cleaning an Old or Neglected Track

Use your vacuum's stick attachment to clear any dust, grit, ballast or other loose grime along the track.

Scrub along the metal rails of the track with an abrasive sponge. You will have to scrub the entire length of each rail.

Rub a soft cloth along the length of each track to dust away any bits that the abrasive pad has left behind.

If there is a lot of loose residue left after scrubbing, vacuum the track again.

Routine Track Maintenance

Gently wipe the track with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust.

Apply the liquid track cleaner to a length of track with a small brush or soft sponge.

Wipe off the liquid track cleaner with a soft cloth.

Repeat these steps for each length of track.

About the Author

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