How to Clean Cape May Diamonds

By Alicia Bodine
Sunken ship, Cape May diamonds
Ally Aubry

Cape May diamonds are not actually diamonds at all. They are quartz crystals that have washed up on Sunset Beach in Cape May Point, New Jersey. These stones are clear. You can see through them, which is what gives them the diamond-like appearance. If you ever visit Sunset Beach, you will want to take some Cape May diamonds home with you and keep them clean to show off to your friends.

Fill a large bowl with hot water and one teaspoon of Ivory dish soap. You can use any dish soap, but Ivory is the most natural and gentle.

Place your Cape May diamonds in the bowl and allow them to soak in the soapy water for 10 minutes. This will remove any sand that is still on them.

Pour the contents of the bowl through a strainer. This will keep your Cape May diamonds from falling down the sink while you get the soapy water out.

Run the stones in the strainer under a faucet to get off any remaining soap.

Dry each stone with a rag to buff it up and make it shine.

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