How to Clean Calligraphy Pens

By Melissa Rae
Clean calligraphy pens, each use, best results
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Calligraphy pens enable users to create highly stylized literature and works of art. Used in many cultures all over the world, this ancient art is still practiced in modern times. Calligraphy pens consist of a hollow metal tip called a nib. The pens may be dipped in ink, or they may have an ink cartridge or reservoir built in. With each use, ink and other foreign materials can clog the tip, making it difficult to produce a smooth script. Clean your calligraphy pens regularly with water and a mild cleaner to keep the ink flowing freely.

Fill a cup with warm water and add two or three drops of dish soap. For pens with a large amount of dried ink, add 1 tsp. of ammonia instead.

Place the pen nib-side down into the cup to soak. Leave it in the the water for five to 10 minutes to allow any ink inside the pen to soften.

Wipe the calligraphy pen with a soft cloth to remove any leftover ink.

Rinse the pen thoroughly under warm water.

Dry the pen thoroughly with a soft cloth or towel.