How to Clean a Boat

By Ris Lexington
Cleaning a Boat

One of the biggest dangers in cleaning a boat is scratching the boat with grit that's been collected on a cleaning sponge or mop. In order to clean effectively and safely, here are some cleaning tips to keep your boat looking like new.

How to Clean a Boat

Put your rubber gloves on. This may get dirty!

Remove bird droppings from a smooth surface with degreaser and a sponge. On a nonskid surface, you may wish to remove bird droppings with a small stiff brush after you've sprayed the area with a degreaser.

Remove fishing remnants, such as dried blood and bait from your boat with an all purpose cleaner or degreaser. Scrub the areas with a with a wet sponge after they've been sprayed thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.

In order to remove stains on fiberglass, you may wish to remove the stain with 600-grit sandpaper. Make sure that the sandpaper is wet, as dry sandpaper is often too abrasive.

Use ammonia to clean and brighten any teak on your boat.

Once you've cleaned your boat, put a coat of wax on it to make the next cleaning easier.

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