How to Choose The Best Metal Detector

By eHow Contributor

If you want to find lost treasure, then don't wait around for a treasure map to materialize in your hands--you need a metal detector. There are many metal detectors designed for various tasks, but with little information on how to choose one, how do you know what to buy? Read on, and learn exactly how to choose the best metal detector.

Set a budget. The best metal detectors range from cheap to expensive, and spending more money on a detector doesn't necessarily make it better. Less expensive metal detectors can be more useful depending on what kind of treasure they're designed to find, their specific capabilities in uncovering treasure, and their extra features such as video output.

Decide what you're looking for. While all metal detectors are designed to detect metal, many are designed to locate a specific type of metal or treasure. A few types of treasure include gold, relics, jewelry, caches, and coins. Even though these kinds of metal detectors can be helpful, the price may not be worth it for the beginner.

Consider where you'll be metal detecting. Just as many metal detectors are designed to find specific metals, the best metal detectors are designed to operate on specific types of terrain, including rocky soil, rivers, beaches, forests, and deserts.

Ask yourself if a metal detector harness is for you. While nearly all metal detectors offer an adjustable arm rest, those offering a harness make your metal detecting light and easy.

Decide if you want headphones. If you choose to use headphones, you'll enjoy the benefits of saving batteries, stopping people from following you around and asking questions, and not annoying nearby people with your detector's constant beeping.

Read reviews to find the best metal detector. Find out what other people think of the metal detector you're considering buying, as customer reviews bridge the gap between product advertisements and reality--making sure you get the best metal detector.