How to Checkmate in Four Moves in Chess

By Seth Amery
The Scholar's Mate, a classic four-move mate strategy
LoraLiu/iStock/Getty Images

A true mastermind can impress even some of the world's greats; even Bill Gates had to applaud how quickly he lost to grandmaster Magnus Carlsen of Norway. Even if you haven't quite reached that lifetime title, you can still impress newer players with the Scholar's Mate strategy--otherwise known as the Four-Move Checkmate.

Step 1

Move the pawn in front of your king up one or two squares. It doesn't matter how far you move it; you only move this piece to clear a path for the queen.

Step 2

Slide the queen diagonally as far as it can go. The queen should be on square h5 in standard chess notation.

Step 3

Move the bishop diagonally from square f1 to square c4. This piece will act as protection for your final play.

Step 4

Slide the queen to the pawn diagonal to it and adjacent to your opponent's king, which is square f7. The king can't take the queen, or else it'll end up in danger of your bishop. Checkmate!

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