Cheats for Monopoly Online

By Dustin Pitan

"Monopoly Online" is based on the classic board game that much of the world grew up playing, but it has more bells and whistles. While you can play against three computer opponents with some challenging artificial intelligence, you also can play against three real people from around the globe. If you're not the best player, you might want to incorporate a few of the built-in cheats to boost your game.

Monopoly Cheats

There are many tips and tricks for the game, but only a few cheats. To activate them in most versions, go to the "Custom Options" menu and clock on "cheating is allowed." However, if you are playing the WM edition, you can simply type the word "gimmesheep" (without the quotation marks) during gameplay.

You can now enter cheats during play by typing them in. Typing "I'm Bill Gates, I'm VERY rich!" will give you unlimited money.

After you roll, you can go forward one more space by typing "+" or backward one fewer space by typing "-" (without the quotes). Be careful about doing this, though, as other players will be watching. Also keep an eye out for other players trying this cheat.

You can get unowned properties incredibly cheaply when you play the computer. When you land on one, auction it off. Offer $10 for it. Since no other player can challenge your offer, you will buy it for almost nothing.