How to Change RipStik Wheels

By Justin Wash

The RipStik is a skateboard-like toy that utilizes a caster wheel system for balance and self-propulsion. Because of the RipStik's design, and because the rider never steps off the board to propel him or herself forward, the wheels of a RipStik take an enormous amount of abuse in many varying directions. Keep your RipStik working well by replacing the worn wheels with new ones.

Using a 4mm Allen wrench, remove the current wheels from the wheel casters on the bottom of the RipStik. Keep the wheel bolts somewhere they will not be lost or forgotten. New wheels may be bought from the official Ripstik web store, and many sporting goods and toy retailers, such as Sports Authority or Toys R Us.

Using a flat head screwdriver or bearing extractor, remove the sealed bearings from your current RipStik wheels. Be sure to collect any spacers inside as these help the RipStik wheels roll more freely.

Using a bearing press, install the bearings into the new RipStik wheels, including any inner spacers. Be sure that the bearings are seated fully and tightly, and do not have any side-to-side play on the axle.

Install the new RipStik wheels onto the caster system on the bottom of the RipStik. Be sure to tighten the 4mm Allen bolt thoroughly as the wheels take a lot of side-to-side stress that may loosen it after a few rides.

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