How to Change a Leaf Spring on a Switchblade Knife

By braniac
Switchblade knife dismantling

This article is about replacing the leaf spring of 'out of the side' switchblade knife, that is a switchblade knife which has its blade coming through the side. So read on....


These steps are for changing the leaf springs of an automatic Mikov switchblade knife. The methods are a bit different for different types of the same knife. But with some common sense, you would be able to change the leaf springs of most 'Out of the side' switchblade knife, i.e. if you follow these steps that I mention here.


First of all, deploy the knife so that the blade is outside the knife. If the knife provides a lock, then, make sure to lock the blade in place. Now, insert the smaller tip of the new leaf into the hollow slit, on the side closest to the blade, through which the blade usually jumps out. Slide down the end of the new leaf through the slit until the original blade comes out of the slit. Use force if you have to.

the old blade, the tip, the blade, opposite directions

Once the old blade comes out, keep pulling and pushing the tip of the blade that came out into opposite directions until the whole blade comes out. Now, insert the new blade from under the handle of the knife. Slowly push the new leaf into the handle from below until you feel that the new leaf has clicked into place inside the handle. Now close the blade and try deploying it again. And there, You're done!