Card Games to Play With Two People

By Brenda Priddy
many card games, two people
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Card games sometimes seem to be designed only for large groups of players such as with Bridge, Spades and Hearts. However, there are many games that can be played with just two players as well. Some of these games are very simple while others are quite complicated. Always keep in mind the age of the players when trying a new game.


This game is a classic game for two players that will keep children occupied for hours. This game can be played with one or more decks of cards. The cards are dealt equally between the two players. Cards are kept facedown the entire time. The two players each reveal their top cards. The card with the highest value wins. If the cards are a match (for example, two 10s) then a war is started. Each person places a card facedown and then an additional card faceup. The highest of these two faceup cards wins all the cards involved in that war. The object of the game is to gather every card from the deck into your hand.


Rummy is a fun game that two players can play. The game is played to a set number of points or number of deals. Aces are low. The first person to get rid of all cards in their hand is the winner. This is done by laying off, melding and discarding. Melding is done by taking sequences or groups of three or more cards and placing them on the table. Laying off is placing one card from your hand on a run or sequence already melded by either player. Discarding is taking one card from your hand and discarding it at the end of your turn.


Bezique is another card game that two people can easily play. Bezique was created in France and is not well known in the United States. All of the lower-number (two, three, four, five and six) cards are removed from the deck. Aces are high. The purpose of the game is to gather tricks or melds of cards. One person plays as the dealer and the other person is the player who starts the game. Play continues until a certain point level is reached. There are many variations and strategies to this game. Since the game is so complicated, it is best suited for adults.

Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse is a fun card game for two players. This game is similar to double solitaire. Players must try to build stacks of cards from king down through all picture and number cards to ace. The first person to get rid of their extra stock cards wins the game. Players take turns laying cards. Two sets of cards are needed for this game. There are also many variations to this game as well.