How to Find Car Shows

By Matt Browning
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Car shows encompass a number of different types of events, ranging from exhibitions produced by the automobile industry, specific car makers or city chambers of commerce to annual meetings of regional or state car clubs, collectors' groups or antique car dealers. Finding car shows is an easy process, thanks to resources developed by car hobbyists, trade publications and special car show search sites.

Search trade publications such as Car Show News to find car shows. Car Show News' website has a specific section dedicated to upcoming events. See the References section. Car shows are viewable by calendar date, state or subject --- for example, you can search for antique car shows in Georgia, all shows featuring Chrysler products in Illinois or learn about muscle car shows occurring nationwide in April. A helpful search tool allows you to isolate your search by geographic area or by specific type of show --- antique, collector or specific make and model.

Visit car hobbyist websites such as Car Show Nationals to find car shows. Car Show Nationals is a site that tracks all of the car shows in the United States for a given year. See References. The site provides a list of the major national car shows but also allows you to search for car shows in specific states. There is also a directory of car clubs available, with links to their respective websites.

Search on Internet car show search sites such as Find Auto Events to find car shows. Find Auto Events categorizes all events related to cars by zip code and time of year. See the References section. Search tools on the site allow you to find car shows by specific zip code, or to search by month.

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