How to Buy Gold & Silver Coins From the U.S. Mint

By Nicholas Salvatore
Gold & Silver Coins, the U.S. Mint
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Silver and gold coins are always popular hedges against inflation, and the U.S. Mint offers an easy way to acquire them. Coin collectors find buying from the U.S. Mint to be a safe and convenient way to purchase gold and silver coins. The Mint produces a wide selection of coins and coin sets each year and sells directly to the public. You can even sign up for a "subscription" that will automatically deliver the coins of your choice each year.

Step 1

Get a U.S. Mint print catalog or visit the Mint's online catalog. You can get on the mailing list if you prefer the printed version, or you can start searching the online catalog immediately. Both will list the Mint's latest offerings in both silver and gold.

Step 2

If you're shopping via the Internet, narrow your search to gold, silver or both using the search box. Many coins sold by the Mint contain other metals, and some coins--such as proof sets--are available in silver or clad styles. Make sure you read the fine print on any coin to determine its silver or gold content.

Step 3

If you're going to buy similar coins on a regular basis, consider the Mint's subscription program. For example, if you buy a one-dollar silver eagle coin each year, you'll be sent the coin each year as it's minted. This way, you can avoid having the coins you want being sold out.

Step 4

Place your order either online, over the phone or by regular mail. Note that all packages are insured by the Mint for their full value. Keep a record of your confirmation number until you receive your coins in good order.

Step 5

Check your coins as soon as they arrive. The Mint has a seven-day return policy, so if you receive any coin or packaging that is damaged in the mail, contact the Mint immediately for either a refund or a replacement. Your returned package must be postmarked within seven days from the date you received it.

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