How to Buy & Sell Antique Gold Coins

By Jennifer Hudock
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As a collector of antique gold coins, chances are as you accumulate coins over the years, you will acquire duplicate coins. You may also come across rare coins from time to time that you want to add to your collection. Buying and selling antique gold coins is a great way to grow your collection, while also weeding out duplicate coins. You may even be able to use your duplicate coins to bargain for rare pieces to add to your coin collection.

Buying Antique Gold Coins

Browse through online antique coin dealer sites for gold coins to add to your collection. Verify the seller's reputation and the authenticity of their wares by checking buyer feedback and statements.

Check online auction sites like eBay, as many antique dealers have shops there. You can also check their reputation as a seller through the feedback system to guarantee you are buying from a reputable dealer.

Visit antique shops and browse through their coins for valuable pieces to add to your collection. Don't be afraid to bargain with the dealer, as many times antique dealers overprice, knowing that educated antique buyers will haggle.

Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and yard sales. From time to time, you may luck out and find great bargains on coins because the sellers aren't aware of their value.

Research current values of specific coins and keep an updated collector's guide handy so you can compare prices and make sure you're not overpaying.

Selling Antique Gold Coins

Know your antique gold coins and their current value, so you can price them fairly and earn a good reputation as an honest seller.

Photograph your coins and upload the images to your computer.

Set up a shop on eBay and list your coins for sale. You can offer them for Buy It Now prices and list them at top value, or set a bid limit and allow collectors to bid on them. Setting a bid limit protects you from selling your coins for less than they are worth.

Rent space from the local flea market and set up a stall to sell coins. Display them in professional cases. This allows you to interact directly with other coin collectors, and could also turn you on to some great bargains as a buyer.

List coins you plan to sell in newspaper and online classified ads. Potential buyers can contact you through telephone or email to inquire further about the coins you have to sell. You can send them digital images via email so they can see what you are selling before taking the next step.