How to Buy a Lottery Ticket Online

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Be aware that it is illegal to buy most lottery tickets online. This would include the main United States lottery, Powerball, and individual state lotteries. To buy a ticket for these drawings, visit an officially licensed dealer (usually a convenience or grocery store). Still, you can find legal lottery websites for quick-picking action.

Play in an Online Lottery

Explore the different websites that offer online lottery tickets. Review the instructions and rules for each website. You will find out how it is able to operate and offer lottery tickets online. Visit the FAQ section for details.

These sites will have a lottery-style selection of numbers. Each number has an empty box next to it.

Click on the empty boxes to select the numbers you feel will bring you luck. Be sure your email address is displayed in the correct place. Hit the "Submit" button to enter your ticket.

Follow the rest of the steps indicated on the screen. This will include a verification step with a code displayed for you to enter (a lot of websites do this precautionary tactic to prevent online fraud such as automated entries).

Look for the processing and success indicators. Success means you have been added to the drawing. You can then choose to enter another ticket.

Check when the winning numbers are drawn, how many winners there are and what the winners are paid out. You can view your ticket stats at the website or in a company generated email.