How to Buy American Eagle Gold Coins

By eHow Contributor
Buy American Eagle Gold Coins

American Eagle Gold Coins are a great way to invest in gold. Your investment will increase from the rise in gold and the rarity of the coin. Many gold coins are worth twice as much as their gold value because of the value of the coin itself.

Visit local coin shops. Coin shops are abundant in larger cities. Most coin shops will have a decent supply of gold american eagle coins. If they don't, you can usually get the coin dealer to purchase the gold coins for you and pick them up a later.

Go to pawn shops. Pawn shops are notorious for buying anything that is gold. That is why you have a good chance of finding gold american eagle coins in a pawn shop. Make sure that the coin is real gold and that you are not paying a premium for it. Check prices online and in a coin book to make sure that you are paying the average price.

Buy directly from the mint. The mint has a website where they sell their new coins online. You can usually pick up american eagle gold coins on their website for the price the coin dealers pay for them. I have included a link in the resource section to the mint's website.

Buy from online auction sites. Gold coins are constantly bought and sold on online auction sites. Make sure that you buy from a reputable person who deals with gold coins on a regular basis.