Bunco Dice Game Rules

By John Page

Bunco is a dice game that is played in groups of 12 or more. Many people have groups that get together regularly to play this game. The rules of Bunco are fairly simple and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Basic math and some score keeping are the only essential skills you need to enjoy this party game.

Setting Up

Most games of Bunco involve 12 players, four players sitting at three tables. Each player requires a score card to keep track of their points. Each table will require three dice each. Tables should be denoted as high table, middle table and low table. The high table will control the action in the game by signaling when a round begins and ends and should have a bell placed on it for this purpose. The other tables can be marked by placing items such as prizes or stuffed animals on them. Have players draw numbers for their seating positions. Numbers one through four will sit at the high table, five through eight at the middle table and nine through 12 at the low table. Each player is partnered with the person directly opposite them at the table.

How to Play

Players roll three dice to score points. Points are awarded in the following ways:

Players will receive 1 point for rolling a number that matches the round number, for example, if you roll a 1 in Round 1 or a 2 in Round 2 and so on.

Rolling three of the same number earns a player 5 points, as long as the number rolled is not the same as the current round. If a player rolls three 4s in Round 1, they receive 5 points.

If a player rolls all the same number and it matches the round number, this is called a Bunco. Scoring a Bunco is worth 21 points. To claim a Bunco the player must yell the word "Bunco" or points will be forfeited.

When a player at the high table reaches 21 points the round is over. Players with the highest scores move up a table, while the losing teams stay in place. The losers at the high table move to the low table.

Awarding Prizes

At the end of 6 rounds, prizes can be awarded to players. Prizes can be anything the host decides upon and can be awarded using a side variety of criteria. Prizes range from candles to gift cards and should be general enough that they can be awarded to anyone. Buncorules.com suggests giving prizes for the most Bunco's, the most wins or losses and a prize for the first Bunco. For most players, the goal of Bunco is not just to win prizes but to enjoy the company and camaraderie of the game with a group of friends.


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