How to Build a Wind Up Car

By Contributing Writer

Building a wind up car can be a lot of fun, almost as much fun as playing with one! You just need a few simple items to build the car, a little time and patience, and you will be ready to go.

How to Build a Wind Up Car

Form the putty into four equal size wheels and place them on each end of the wooden sticks while allowing them to dry and form around the new "axle."

Take the wooden box and super glue it onto the axles. You can decorate the box, if you wish, to make a better looking car.

Place the elastic band onto the base (front middle) of the car and fix a small cloth string onto the axle by gluing it into place.

Tie the string onto the rear axle (the rear wooden stick), which will stretch the elastic band. When you wish to make the car move forward you will release the elastic band, which will remove the string from the rear axle and cause the car to move. The energy of the elastic band winds up the car!