How to Build a Washer Throwing Game

By Kiley Mitchell
Build a washer-throwing game.
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Washer throwing is a fun, inexpensive and easy-to-build game for parties. There are many different variations of the game, but common rules dictate that teams stand across from a washer throwing box and throw large washers trying to get it in the "cup," the box or on the sidewall of a box. You can use holes in the yard or custom-made boxes for the game. Teams of two are common. You can decide on the scoring method before the game starts.

Measure eight separate pieces of 2-by-4 wood in sections that are 16 inches. Each section will be part of a box with four sections to a box. This will make two separate boxes.

Measure one side of each 16-inch piece and mark 13 inches from the top and 13 inches from the bottom. Use a miter saw to cut a 45-degree angle into each piece from both 13-inch marks. This will create edges to put together a square.

Match the edges of each piece together to form a square and nail each edge together. Use two nails in each edge to make sure the square is secure. Do this with the four remaining pieces to form the other square.

Nail the 16-by-16-inch plywood to one side of the square to make a bottom for the box. Do this to each square. Don't disturb the edges when you hammer the nails into the sides of the square.

Turn the box over so that the plywood touches the ground and super glue a 4-inch diameter PVC pipe to the center of the box. The pipe should be approximately 3-1/2 inches long. This will create the "cup" to throw the washer into.

Paint two sets of washers different colors. For example, one set of four washers can be red and one set of four can be yellow. This will help differentiate between colors. Place boxes 20 to 25 feet apart and let sit for an hour so that the glue can dry.

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