How to Build a Naruto Deck

By Nicholas Robbins

Bandai's Naruto CCG allows you to take control of teams of powerful ninja using spells and special powers from the hit anime and manga series of the same name. Using these teams you can then undertake missions against other players and enter the battle for supremacy. Building a deck for the card game can be complicated for new players, and understanding it is essential for your success. A well constructed deck is your first step on the path to become Hokage.

Divide your collection into Ninja, Jutsu, Mission, and Client card types.

Choose your Ninja cards first. They will determine what types of Jutsu you can perform as well as what Missions you will excel at. You may have up to 30 Ninja cards, and only 3 of each Ninja is allowed.

Determine what Jutsu to include next. Include as many as you would like. Remember to match them to the abilities of the Ninja you have selected.

Mission cards add a way to turn the tables on your opponent. You should include one card for each client you select as a decent balance.

Clients are your final choices, and they vary widely in abilities and usefulness. Client cards should only be included if they dramatically enhance the abilities of your Ninja teams.

Prune your choices down to 50 cards by determining which of your various card types work well together with similar abilities and bonuses. Discard from your deck any Ninjas that do not have corresponding Jutsu. Discard any Missions you cannot complete with your team.

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