How to Build a Motorized Go-Kart

By eHow Contributor
Commercial Go-Kart

Build a go-kart using readily available parts and a lawn mower engine. This is a very simple design built with junk yard scavenged parts mostly. Remember web uilt this as kids, the dimensions would alter somewhat for bigger riders.

Get ¾ inch water pipe approx 40 feet long, Frame A. Cut into 2x6 feet and 2x3 feet pieces, join the corners with pipe elbow joints and weld in place.

Attach a 4 1/2' x 3' aluminum sheet to bottom side of Frame A.

Take a 3 feet pipe and join by elbow two 1 ½ feet pieces to the end and weld in place, Frame B. Then weld this frame 2 ½ feet from one end of frame A.

Get 4 feet of 1/2 inch mild steel bar and drill a 5/8" hole into the front pipe and attach the bar from the hole to the to Frame B and attach a steering wheel to the end.

Attach the front wheels via stubby axels pivoting on points allowing them to turn, thern weld an angle to the steering shaft and hook this to the stubby axles via a universal type joint, and attach front wheels and brake assemblies, either with hand or foot brake.

Use a ¾ " hardened steel bar for the rear drive axle and attach it below Frame A at the rear. You may use bushes or bearings, depending on how much you wish to spend, and attach rear wheels.

Weld or attach a large bicycle cog to the centre of the rear axle and ensure that there is sufficient clearance for the cog to spin freely to drive the axle.

Get two bucket seats from a junk yard and weld them in place behind the steering wheel in a comfortable place to sit.

Join 5 x 3 feet pieces of pipe by elbows Frame C, and weld 3 of them then attach by welding to Frame A directly behind the seats. Frame C will be braced to Frame B and backwards to Frame A using the remaining 2 pieces.

Use a lawn mower engine which has a small bicycle sprocket on the drive shaft and attach it to Frame A by welded and bolted supports so that it is aligned to the cog on the rear drive axle. Attach the throttle cable to a pedal for an accelerator.

Attach a gasoline tank to Frame C above the height of the engine and use tubing for the gasoline to flow to the carburetor.

Attach a bicycle chain between the engine and the rear axle in a similar way as you would do with a bicycle, and fill the gasoline tank.

Prime the engine and have someone push and start you and off you go in your Go-Kart.