How to Build a Go Kart Frame

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Building a well designed go kart frame can be a fun job for the family. You can build a go kart frame using either metal tubing or angle iron. The act of creating a driving machine is a fulfilling experience. With these successive steps, you can make your go kart machine come to life.

Build a Frame Using Tubing

Sit down on the floor, picture yourself in your Go Kart and draw with chalk the measurements that are comfortable for your legs. Usually frames have a width of one third to two thirds the size of the frame at the wheel base to fit two riders. A wider wheel base creates better stability so it doesn't tip over.

Cut the metal tubing first with a chop saw, and then lay out the frame to see how it looks.

Weld round to round tubing using a tubing notcher. The round tubing where your feet rest has to be wedged accurately to the tubing, so that the pieces are joined solidly together, a process called "fishmouthing."

Connect round to square by sawing the round tubing flat and welding it to the square. Another option is to heat the end of round material and hammer it flat.

Use round tubing to install a roll bar in front and over the rider's head to prevent injury in case of an accident. Customize the frame and seating arrangement from 2 inches off the ground to ensure a solid center of gravity, so the Go Kart doesn't flip over.

Build a Frame Using Angle Iron

Use angle iron for the entire frame, or just for parts of the kart that you need to bend into angles. Use Step 1, Section 1 to create the basis of your frame.

Saw off one side of the iron, and then heat and bend as necessary.

Weld after reaching the desired shape through heating and bending. Reinforce the frame by adding filler material.

Decorate your frame with bends using a Harbor Freight pipe bender.