How to Build an Adirondack Chair

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

An Adirondack chair is one of those seats that begs you to sit down. There's also nothing quite like the satisfaction you'll get when you build one yourself. Here are instructions on how to build an Adirondack chair.

Make the Seat

Cut all pieces to required lengths. Cut the side rails, and the back rails to the specifications on your plan. The back will be curved to accommodate the curved shape of the back of the Adirondack chair. Sand smooth.

Use the jigsaw to cut the seat slats and cut each edge with a 1/4-inch router bit on all edges that will not butt up against another piece of wood. This will make the seat more comfortable.

Plane the required bevel into seat slats. You may also use a table saw to do this.

Screw the lower back rail into the seat sides. Use one screw at the end of each rail. Check for square and add a second screw to lock it in place.

Install the seat slats. Use a 1-inch spacer to position the first slat, then eye up the position of the rest.

Prepare the front legs by cutting them to length according to the plan and cut the side edges with 1/4-inch router bit. Screw to the assembled seat from the inside to the outside.

Build the Back

Cut the back slats so that one end is 3 1/4" wide and the other is 2 1/4" wide with your jig saw. Sand all edges and round 1/4" with your router.

Prepare the rear legs by cutting them to size according to your plan. Clamp rear legs to the side rails and drill pilot holes then screw to the side rails.

Attach the top back to the top of the back legs. Lay the chair on its back to install the back slats.

Center the first back slat then the outer two, then arrange the rest in a fan-shape pattern. You may need to use a block as a spacer to set the first slat.

Build the Arms

Cut out the arms according to the plan. Cut any arm supports as well. Sand and round edges with a router.

Secure supports by clamping them and screwing them in place.

Screw arms into the front legs and then to the rear legs with 2-inch screws.

Stain or paint with waterproof stain if desired.