Bones Dice Game Rules

By Zippy
Rolling five 1s, a big score, the Bones dice game
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Bones dice is a multi-player game or can be played as teams. Five dice and a scorepad with pencil is all that is needed for this game. Determine the starting player by each player rolling a die, with the highest number going first. Then take turns and keep track of the score. First player or team that reaches 10,000 points wins. You can set any variable amount for the final score, but 10,000 is generally a good standard. You can also set variable amounts for any of the scoring values as well.

Ways to score

There are four ways to score. 1) Rolling a one is equal to 100 points. 2) Rolling a 5 is equal to 50 points. 3) Rolling any combination of three dice in a single roll will earn a multiplier of 100 times the amount shown on the combo of dice. For example a combo of triple 4's would equal 400 points. A four-of-a kind is worth 200 multiplier points. For example a quadruple of 4's would equal 800 points. A five-of-a-kind is worth a 500 multiplier. For example a quintuplet of 5's would equal 2,500 points. 4) Rolling a straight on a single roll is worth 1,000 points.

The play

A player will keep rolling the dice as long they roll a scoring number (a 1,5 or combination) on each roll. After each roll, the player will save any scoring dice and can stop at anytime with the score they saved or roll until they do not roll a scoring number. If a player rolls until they do not score then all of their saved dice can not be added to their score.

Getting On Board

To get "on board," each player will have to score a minimum amount of 500 points. Once that players reaches 500, then they will have the choice to stop at anytime and add up their saved scoring dice for the rest of the game.