How Do Bingo Slot Machines Work?

By Catherine Madison

The Difference Between a Regular and Bingo Slot Machine

Unlike a regular slot machine, a bingo slot machine has numbers reels that match up with the number of columns in bingo. After you pull the lever or push the button, all three reels take off into action. If all the symbols look alike, then you are a winner. Unlike with a regular slot machine, though, the rows can be diagonal and vertical as well as horizontal.

A Gambler's Chances

Whether a gambler wins is not decided by whether he has won in the past or by the recent payouts of the bingo slot machine but rather by a mathematical structure built into the computer of the game. The structure is that after you pull the reel it chooses from a pull of numbers. A number is chosen for all nine bingo spots.

How the Symbols Are Chosen

The numbers are then compared to a "mapping chart," where each individual pulled number is already determined to be a certain symbol (X or O). That's how the symbols are chosen and that's how it is determined if they are to line up or not for bingo.

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