Bingo Games to Play for Free

By Rebecca Miller
Bingo Cards

There are many bingo games to play for free online, either by yourself or as a fun activity for a party or family night. Bingo is known in one form or another around the world where people play for money or just for fun of it.

Free Online Bingo is a very popular site where you can play bingo for free. Just drop by and register with your own username and password and you will be on your way. Players can chat while they play, earn points and a chance at the jackpot spinner as the jackpot increases. Points are used for entering daily, weekly or monthly draws for cash or prizes. The Bingo Luau game is completely free or you can choose to join Club Pogo which has a monthly membership fee and offers more bingo games. If you like chatting with others while you play, this is the site for you. There are hundreds of people playing at all hours of the day. It's a very colorful site with a user-friendly interface, no download is required. offers a few more free bingo games: Three Eyed Bingo, Bingozone, Coverall Catch Up and more. The premise is very much the same, you can play for free or they offer a paid game, as well. Also, there is a jackpot and points you can earn to enter contests and drawings. No download is required, there are lots of fellow bingo players to chat with and it is open 24 hours a day.

Free Bingo on Pay Sites

Bingo is a directory of sorts. It is a compilation of sites where you can play free bingo games on a trial basis. Most of them are pay-to-play sites but they offer free sign-on bonuses with no obligation to deposit any money. You may get a $20 dollar welcome deposit in your account for trying the game and when the money is gone move on to the next one. will show you the amount you can play on many different sites and also offers reviews of the sites.

Bingo at Home

Free bingo games can be a hit at kids or adult parties. All you need is some paper and a printer. has basic number cards, word cards or blank cards or you can customize the word cards to your liking or to celebrate a special occasion. Play naughty word bingo at a bridal shower or help children learn a variety of subjects like geography or foreign language in a fun way. The best part is that they are totally free and the site is easy to use. Use coins, poker chips, candy or whatever is handy to mark your cards.