How to Bid at a Silent Auction

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

A favorite fund-raising event among charities is the silent auction. Often held in conjunction with a dinner or dance, silent auctions offer a relaxed and sociable approach to auctions.

Take note of the items that interest you and their starting values if you receive an auction catalog before the event. This will help you set a limit for your spending.

View the auction items at the event. The organizers provide a bid sheet for each item with a notation of its starting value.

Bid on an item by writing the amount you would like to bid and signing your name on the bid sheet.

Go back periodically to the items to see whether you've been outbid. As the auction period continues throughout the evening, more people sign bid sheets, and the prices increase.

Write a new amount if you're willing to increase the bid, and sign your name on the bid sheet again.

Wait for the closing of the sale to be announced by the evening's master of ceremonies either at the end of the auction period or at the end of the evening's events.