Beat Your Neighbor Card Game Instructions

By Lisa Porter
Learn to play Beat Your Neighbor.
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Beat Your Neighbor, also known as Beggar My Neighbor or Strip Jack Naked, is a simple card game for kids. The game requires a complete 52-card deck and two players. The game requires very little strategy but can take a very long time to complete, making it the perfect card game for children to play in the backseat of a car on a long family road trip.

Deal each player half the deck. You can count the cards or simply split the deck in half and let the other player choose her half.

Instruct the non-dealer to go first by flipping the top card of her deck face up in between the two players.

Continue the game with both players taking turns flipping the top cards of their decks face up. When a player flips over a face card, his opponent must then flip over additional cards on his turn according to the value of the face card. An ace is worth four cards, a king is worth three, a queen is worth two and a jack is worth one. When the opponent is finished flipping these extra cards, the first player gets to collect his entire face up stack. If the opponent flips a face card, however, the first player must then begin flipping additional cards according to the value of that face card.

Play until one player manages to collect all 52 cards to win.

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