How to Be Invisible

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Some days we want to be the center of attention, and other days we just want to blend into the woodwork. Because there are ways to get noticed at work and in life, then the opposite must be true, as well. Here are some Hollywood tips on how to be invisible.

Look down. By making eye contact with the people around you, you are letting them know that you are there. If you are trying to have a day to yourself, without pesky interactions, look at the floor when you are walking or mingling in groups. This clearly shows you are not interested in being approached.

Put on glasses. Hollywood has shown us time and time again that women and men who put on glasses are invisible. Forget the designer sunglasses, just throw on some reading glasses and no one will even know you are there. The heavier the tint, the better.

Dress down. A smartly dressed person will get looks. Wear mousy, dowdy clothing that make you shapeless, and no one will look twice, or even once.

Go for a make over in reverse. When you watch shows that take the everyday guy or gal and transform them into a looker, take their advice and go the other way. Mask your stylish hair cut with a hat, or leave it a frizzy mess. Apparently no one looks at these people before the make over, so that is a step toward invisibility.

Blend in with the crowd. If you are walking, go the same speed as those around you. People notice the slow folks that hold up everyone. They also know the Tasmanian devils who pass in a hurry.