Baseball Birthday Party Activities

By Lily Mae
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Known as the All American Pastime, baseball is a sport that is beloved by both boys and girls and the young and old. If you know someone who has an approaching birthday and this person is a fan of the game, consider throwing him a baseball-themed birthday party, complete with baseball-themed activities to keep the festivities moving and guests entertained.

Decorate a Baseball

Party-goers express their creativity with this activity. Provide guests with new baseballs, as well as paint, markers, glitter, stickers and any other type of craft material that you think could be used to decorate a baseball. Guests use these materials to adorn their baseballs. The finished product can be taken home and serves as a memento of the birthday party.

Baseball Relay

This is a fun relay game that will get guests moving. Split guests into two teams and have them form single-file lines. Provide the first player on each team with a large serving spoon and a baseball. The baseball must be placed on the spoon and players walk from one side of the room to another and back again, while trying to keep the ball balanced on the spoon. Upon arriving back at point from which they started, the spoon and baseball are passed to the next player. The game continues this way until all players have had a chance to go. If the baseball falls, the player who dropped it has to pick it up and start over. The first team finish the relay wins the game.

Peanut Toss

Peanuts are often served at a ball game and are the main element in this game. Split party-goers into teams of two. Provide one member of each team with a baseball hat filled with shelled peanuts and give the other member an empty hat. While standing 10 feet apart from one another, the player with the peanuts tosses one to the player with the empty hat, who tries to catch the nut in the empty hat. The team who catches the most peanuts wins the game.

Wacky Ball

Players practice their swing and throwing skills in this game, except other objects are used in lieu of baseballs. Divide guests into teams of two and have them stand 10 feet apart. One player is given a baseball bat and the other is given a bucket filled with assorted objects--soccer balls, bean bags, sponges, beach balls and so forth. At the sound of a whistle blow, the objects are thrown from the basket and the player with the bat has to try to hit them and a point is rewarded for each item that is hit. Whichever team earns the most points wins.

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