Bachelorette Bar Games

By Kyra Sheahan
bar games, a bachelorette party
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A bachelorette party is a time for the bride and her closest friends to let loose and enjoy a night on the town. If going to the bar is on the evening agenda, come up with entertaining bar games for the bride and the bachelorette party guests to play. While bar games are exciting, it is important to stay safe by not drinking excessively, and having a designated driver in the group, or a taxi lined up for the end of the evening so that nobody gets hurt in a traffic accident. It is dangerous--and against the law--to drive under the influence of alcohol.

I Dare You

"I Dare You" is a bar game that challenges the bride and her friends to a variety of public dares. The dares can be things such as "I dare you to ask the bartender for a free drink" or "I dare you to stand up on the chair and start dancing." Anyone who does not accept the dare has to take a drink from her beverage cup.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt puts the bachelorette on a mission to collect things from around the bar. To play the game, one of the bride's friends prepares a list of scavenger hunt items, such as a men's tie, business card, a guy's phone number and a $50 bill. You can also include a "to do" list on the scavenger hunt, such as to take a picture with a policeman or to take a shot of the strongest drink the bar serves. The bride has to spend the evening collecting and doing the things on the scavenger hunt list.

Bar Bingo

Bar Bingo is a board game that makes a bachelorette party at a bar entertaining. To play, each participant gets a bingo card that is full of pictures that describe people and things you would typically see at a bar, such as frou-frou drinks, a seat dancer and someone wearing sunglasses. The first one who finds all of the items on the bingo card wins the game.

Drinking Dice

Drinking Dice is a drinking game that uses a pair of dice. The dice have labels on each side that tells you who drinks and how many drinks they must have. For instance, one of the die may say "brunettes only" while the other die that was rolled says "2 drinks." That means that the brunettes in the group must each have two drinks.

Alphabet Drink Game

The Alphabet Drink game requires everyone in the bachelorette party to make a list from A to Z on a sheet of paper, and write in all the drinks that start with A, B, C... all the way to Z. If you don't want to play the game with paper, this game can also be played verbally. Go around the group and instruct each person to name a drink that starts with the next letter.