Apron Sewing Patterns for Kids

By Liza Hollis
Apron Sewing Patterns for Kids
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If you know any active children who enjoy cooking, gardening or making art, chances are they tend to get a little messy while they do. Consider making a kid-sized apron that is perfect for keeping their clothes clean while they complete their projects. Sewing a child’s apron requires basic to intermediate sewing skills and only a few inexpensive materials. Aprons can be further customized with monograms, fabric detail or even hand-painted designs to give them a one-of-a-kind look.

Little Girls' D-Ring Ribbon Belt Apron

This simple waist apron can be made out of tea towels or any other decorative square of fabric that is approximately 16 by 21 inches, and other inexpensive materials. In the tutorial, listed as a Reference, it is recommended to prewash and dry the fabric before using it so it won’t shrink or warp. This pattern requires basic sewing skills and materials including a sewing machine and matching thread. You will also need an iron, bias tape and a D-ring ribbon belt to complete this apron.

Kid-Sized Chef Apron

This traditional-style chef apron can be made for either boys or girls. Allow your child to help you pick out his favorite piece of fabric so you know he will wear it proudly. The pattern requires just a little more than 1 yard of your chosen fabric, making this an inexpensive sewing project. There are even instructions on the website, listed as a Reference, for how to alter it to make sure it fits your child. Intermediate sewing and pattern reading skills are required for this apron.

Potholder and Dishtowel Apron

For a quick and inexpensive child-sized apron, consider making it out of an old dishtowel and potholder you already own, or buy new ones from a dollar store. For this apron, you will also need basic sewing skills and notions (including pins, seam rippers and a rotary blade and mat if possible) to complete it. This project has a skirt-like gather, making it ideal for little girls. It can be further customized with buttons, pockets and lace trim.

Child’s Apron from Jo-Ann

This PDF of a child’s apron pattern (see Resources) lists all the materials you need to complete this project. It also lists step-by-step directions and a picture of the finished product. This project was created by Jo-Ann Fabrics, one of the largest retail fabric outlets in the nation. This project is perfect for little girls and boys and can be customized to be ideal for any child within ages 2 to 10. It is inexpensive to make because it requires less than a full yard of fabric. It also includes instructions to create a matching chef’s hat if desired.

Montessori Child’s Apron

This is another inexpensive child’s apron project that requires little fabric and basic to intermediate sewing skills and materials (see Resources). Unlike traditional aprons, this apron is designed to be hung on the body with Velcro, which makes it the perfect fit for little hands. This apron is designed for children ages 3 to 6 but can be customized to fit an older or younger child’s measurements. It also features an elastic strap for the neck so it stays comfortably in place on your child.

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