How to Alter Men's Cargo Pants

By Ann White
How to Alter Men's Cargo Pants
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It is often necessary to alter men's clothing by removing and adjusting various seamlines. For cargo pants, the waist and length of the pants can be altered for a better fit. When altering pants, it is always a good idea to verify the height or waist size of the customer before beginning the tailoring process.

Step 1

Discuss with the customer what adjustments are required.

Step 2

Measure the customer to verify the irregularity and mark any changes to the pants with chalk.

Step 3

Pin the cuffs to the correct hemmed length with the customer wearing the pants.

Step 4

Remove the seams with a seam ripper. For the waist, remove the back crotch seam. For the length, remove the current hem.

Step 5

Adjust the seams to the requested size and re-sew the pants.

Step 6

Ask the customer to try on the cargo pants before leaving to verify that the alterations provide a good fit.

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