Adult Games to Play at Family Reunions

By K.C. Moore
Bocce ball, a fun family reunion sport, adults
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Family reunions give extended families the chance to get together to reminisce about family memories and create some new ones by playing family games. Though some games are fun with everyone playing, other games are better when kids and adults play separately. Because of differences in intelligence, family knowledge or physical abilities, the following family reunion games are best for adults when played with other adults.

Two Truths, One Lie

This adult party game is a fun way to learn more about your distant relatives. Each player will take turns standing in front of the group and saying three statements about himself; however, one statement must be a lie. The rest of the players will then use what they know about the player to vote on which statement they think is a lie. Once everyone has voted, the player will reveal which statement was the lie and tell a little bit about the story behind the two truthful statements. This game is not as fun with kids because they may not know enough about their relatives to participate and are not as clever at coming up with believable lies when compared to adults.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is also known as lawn bowling and is a team game played outside on a flat playing surface of grass, sand or pavement. To begin the game have a player or game official throw the jack onto the playing field. Players divide into teams, and each team is given four chances per round to try to make their bocce ball the closest to the jack. Players may throw or roll the ball onto the field. Players can also throw their ball at an opponent's ball or the jack in an attempt to move it. When all the balls have been thrown, the team that has its ball the closest to the jack will earn a point. Traditionally a game is played until a team receives 21 points.

Who Am I?

Before the party, write down the names of different famous people or historical figures on index cards, enough for each guest. Tape a card to each guest's back. The guests must ask one another yes or no questions to determine which name is written on their card. Make it a rule that each player may not ask the same person a question twice in a row so that you can get your family members socializing.

Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Turn a relaxing activity like a jigsaw puzzle into a frantic team race. Divide your family members into two teams, and give each team a jigsaw puzzle to complete before the other team. To celebrate the occasion you can have pictures from the last family reunion made into a jigsaw puzzle or create a puzzle that incorporates a family memory, joke, slogan or crest.

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